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Going Gold

Going Gold

The Chatt Valley teams “went gold” to help raise awareness for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month (September).  There were 5 of the Chatt Valley teams (9U, 10U, 11U Sims, 11U Head, & 12U) represented at South Commons Park in Columbus, GA.  Organizations that do so much for other cancers and even use pictures of
little bald children, give less than 3 percent(and that is the max) to
pediatric cancer research.  Our own Government gives less than 2% of the
their cancer research budget to pediatric cancer!  Together our teams raised over $400 for a family that has been affected by Childhood Cancer!

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After School

After School Program

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Black Friday

Black Friday Camp

November 28th (Day after Thanksgiving)

Chatt Valley 8U

Chatt Valley 8U

Playing outstanding defense the Chatt Valley 8U team took 2nd place in the USSSA “Champs Wear Rings NIT Double Points”.  Coach Jaime Goudie said he was very proud of the teams effort and how well they played.  “Really we had only one bad defensive inning in four games.”  In the 4 games played the boys put up 2 shut outs, which is very rare in coach pitch baseball.





Chatt Valley 10U

Chatt Valley 10U

The Chatt Valley 10U team has a record of 11 – 2.  Todd Sims team has two 1st place finishes and one 2nd place finish.





Chatt Valley 12U

Chatt Valley 11U

Chatt Valley 11U

Chatt Valley 11U wins the USSSA “Auburn 5 Tool Player” tournament in Auburn April 5th & 6th!  CV 11U coached by Joey Cooner now has a record of 9 and 2 on the season!





Chase Weems

CV Baseball Academy Welcomes Chase Weems!

Chase will be doing lessons at CV Baseball Academy and will be coaching the 14U & 16U teams. Chase hit a record .546 his senior season at Columbus High School for Coach Bobby Howard. Weems, a catcher, was drafted in the 6th round by the New York Yankees out of Columbus. He has also played with the Cincinnati Reds and the Baltimore Orioles organizations.

Give us a call to schedule a lesson with Chase!

Tee Ball Games Schedule

Chatt   Valley Tee Ball League 2014
 Wear Navy Jersey  Wear Red Jersey
29-Mar Twins Nationals 9:00am
  Cardinals Red Sox 10:00am
  Indians  Braves 11:00am
5-Apr Braves  Twins 9:00am
  Red Sox Indians 10:00am
  Nationals Cardinals 11:00am
12-Apr Cardinals Indians 9:00am
  Nationals Braves 10:00am
  Twins Red Sox 11:00am
19-Apr Red Sox Nationals 9:00am
  Indians  Twins 10:00am
  Braves  Cardinals 11:00am
26-Apr Cardinals Twins 9:00am
  Braves  Red Sox 10:00am
  Nationals Indians 11:00am
3-May Red Sox Cardinals 9:00am
  Nationals Twins 10:00am
  Braves  Indians 11:00am
10-May Indians  Red Sox 9:00am
  Cardinals Nationals 10:00am
  Twins Braves 11:00am
17-May Braves  Nationals 9:00am
  Indians  Cardinals 10:00am
  Red Sox Twins 11:00am
Wear Navy Jersey  Wear Red Jersey